What’s in a Name?

When we started the company, of course one of the first items on the list was to come up with a corporate name. Now, you can have a legal name as well as a “doing business as” name. To get the corporate formation process underway in a timely manner, we chose DiMaria Companies Incorporated as our legal name.

In determining what our “doing business as” name should be, we asked ourselves “what are we going to be providing to our Clients”. We said we are going to be effective, energetic, and a “force that stimulates progress within a system”. In other  words, by definition, we are going to be dynamic. We are also going to provide them with claims related information.

So we are going to be all about Dynamic Claims Information. Perfect.

And finally, we are going to listen to our Clients, to hear what their needs are, and to provide them with the solution that’s right for them.

Thus DCI Solution was born.

Our icon includes DCI surrounded by the four points of a compass, so that you always know where you are at with DCI Solution.


And let us not forget our tagline. Our mission is to provide our Clients so much more than just a dollar figure for a value. It’s about Accuracy, Simplicity, and Totality. Taking the extra steps to make sure all the details are accounted for and an accurate valuation is provided. Making sure the Client experience results in an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-settle process. Focusing totally on the Client’s needs and standing behind our market valuations and services. All of those things represent value. And so our tagline came about quite easily…“because Value is more than just a number”.


“That’s what DCI Solution stands for, as a name, and as a company.”

Darren DiMaria
Co-Founder, Chief Client Officer