Cab StylesThere are many names for pickup truck cab types. Regular Cab, Standard Cab, Access Cab, Extended Cab, King Cab, Quad Cab, Double Cab, Super Cab, Super Crew, Crew Cab, Mega Cab and Crew Max to name a few. Each pickup truck manufacture tends to come up with their own name for a cab style. Over time, this names and definitions have evolved. When buying aftermarket pickup truck accessories, this can cause ordering issues. Here is a guide to help make ordering accessories for your pickup truck easier.Ultimately, there is 3 types of pickup truck cabs. Regular cabs, Extended Cabs and Crew Cabs. Through vehicle evolution, the exact definition has changed.

  • Regular Cab: A regular cab always used to be a pickup truck with 2 doors. However, with the 2008 Ford F250 Superduty, their regular cab now has 2 very small rear doors.
  • Extended Cab: The extended cab started out as a pickup truck with 2 doors that had extra space behind the front seats and 2 rear windows. Through evolution this cab style added rear seating and a 3rd door. Today the extended cab pickup truck has 2 front doors, rear seating and 2 rear doors that cab be opened if the front door is opened first. Today, each pickup truck manufacturer has their own name for this style of cab.
  • Crew Cab: The crew cab pickup that have 4 regular doors. Although each pickup truck manufacturer now has their own name of this cab style.

Vehicle Manufacturer Cab Name List:

Chevy Colorado: Regular Cab, Extended Cab, Crew Cab.

Chevy Silverado: Regular Cab, Extended/Double Cab, Crew Cab.
Dodge Dakota: Regular Cab, Extended Cab, Quad Cab.
Dodge Ram: Regular Cab, Extended Cab, Club Cab, Quad Cab, Mega Cab.
Ford Explorer Sport Trac: Crew Cab
Ford F150: Regular Cab, SuperCab, SuperCrew.
Ford SuperDuty: Regular Cab, SuperCab, Crew Cab.
Ford Ranger: Regular Cab, Super Cab.
GMC Canyon: Regular Cab, Extended Cab, Crew Cab.
GMC Sierra: Regular Cab, Extended/Double Cab, Crew Cab.
Honda Ridgeline: Crew Cab.
Isuzu I-Series: Regular Cab, Extended Cab, Crew Cab.
Mazda B Series: Regular Cab, Extended Cab.
Mitsubishi Raider: Regular Cab, Extended Cab, Double Cab.
Nissan Frontier: Regular Cab, King Cab, Crew Cab.
Nissan Titan: King Cab, Crew Cab.
Toyota Tacoma: Regular Cab, Access Cab, Xtra Cab, Double Cab, Crew Cab.
Toyota Tundra: Regular, Access Cab, Double Cab, Crew Max.

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