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Our Under-Rite™ Valuation Service is the Solution

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Under-Rite™ Valuations provide an accurate market value and verification of the vehicle to be insured. DCI Solution will work directly with the consumer (insured) and/or the insurance company depending upon the individual situation. Our value is based on our proprietary valuation database, market research, comparable vehicles, and other industry accepted guides. We are able to obtain photographs of the vehicle, receipts, and other pertinent information for verification purposes.Valu-Rite-Report-Image2

The process is simple. Complete the form if you would like an Under-Rite™ Valuation. If you are a current DCI Solution client, you can login directly to our Valu-Rite System® to request this service. We will then contact you to outline the process in greater details.

cell phoneThe process will include the consumer (insured) receiving an app and simple instructions on how and which photos to take. Several follow-up contacts will be made to insure this part of the process is completed. Once the photographs are received, DCI Solution will complete the valuation process and generate a Valu-Rite Report with the market value and supporting documentation. You can feel confident in having a verified valuation for underwriting.

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