Arbitration Services

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When you can’t settle on a figure, DCI has the Solution

Unfortunately, people do not always see “things” the same way, especially when those “things” have to do with money. Claims loss settlements can lead to disagreements which can lead to arbitration. DCI Solution provides the arbitration services you need to settle quickly and fairly.

2nd Opinions – Our Valu-Rite System® can provide Total Loss or Diminished Value market valuations for 2nd opinion purposes. These valuations typically include at least three comparable vehicles and/or dealer quotes for comparisons, all Valu-Verified. Any adjustments required are clearly detailed on a line by line basis and Valuator comments to fully explain the valuation.

Right of AppraisalDCI Solution can provide a complete Certified Appraisal and negotiate a settlement for your Right of Appraisal situations. The Certified Appraisal includes our Valu-Rite Report® along with additional documentation prepared by a certified appraiser. Our staff certifications include the Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers, Bureau of Certified Marine Surveyors, American Society of Farm Equipment Appraisers among others.

Expert WitnessDCI Solution has the experience, knowledge, skill, training, and education required under the Federal Rules of Evidence, to provide Expert Witness testimony in the court of law. We also have the experience providing deposition testimony which is a key element when selecting an expert witness.

Umpire Services – Integrity, Impartiality, Competence, and Trustworthiness are the qualities you need in an umpire and they are the qualities that DCI Solution provides. We will insure that the arbitration process is fair for all parties, that we as the Umpire will remain independent, and will render a decision is based on the facts.

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